Adam Moisa


Adam Moisa




I love to start things and I love the relationships I build along the way.
I try to do everything I can, as fast as I can, with as little money as possible.
"Every moment is experienced. Few moments are experienced well."

Name Adam Moisa
Age 21 years old
City New York
Country United States

Adam Moisa



  • Education

    • B.A. Finance

      Syms School of Business Honors (2013 - 2017)

      - Full academic scholarship
      - Major: Finance
      - Co-founded three tech start-ups
      - President and Founder of Suits Optional Entrepreneur Club
      - Student Representative for various Board of Overseers meetings and open houses

    • Graphic Design

      Future Media Center (2013)

      - Certified: Advanced Adobe Photoshop for content creation and editing
      - Certified: Advanced Adobe Illustrator for graphic deesign
      - Certified: HTML5 CSS & Javascript

    • Ninja Training

      No more information on this (Past-Present)

      - ---
      - (0.0)/

  • Start-Ups


      One spot for literally everything (2012 - present)

      - Connect your files to productivity apps
      - Manage all your files, no matter which cloud they are on
      - Embed files into tasks, calendar events, notes, and emails
      - Collaborate seamlessly with anyone on any cloud
      - Partition larger files to beat storage and bandwith limits


      Name your price for tickets (2013 - present)

      - For the first time ever, the buyer is in the drivers seat
      - Choose an event and name the price you want to pay for your seats to that event
      - Powerful network in the background making the deal happen

    • cText

      Clear conversational texting platform (2013 - present)

      - Clear up ambiguity in electronic messaging
      - Clear up confusion in group chats
      - All internet messaging, with online and computer components

    • Simplifyd

      Intuative 'full day view' visual calender with feed integration (2013 - present)

      - Ability to comfortably view 12 hours at a glance
      - Draggable presets to schedule different types of event (less typing for you)
      - When event is tapped, Simplifyd will connect to various database sources

    • YUCarpools

      Yeshiva University Social Carpools (2013 - present)

      - Students can offer each other rides through the interface
      - Students can search for offered rides and request to join the ride
      - Helpful for intercampus traveling or traveling to/from home or various other locations
      - Saves Yeshiva University money on car services

  • Employment

    • Founder & CEO

      Agora, Inc. (2012 - Present)

      - Doing everything I can to start a successful startup
      - Building an awesome team
      - Having more fun than I ever thought I could have

    • Co-Founder & Consultant

      Tickfinity, Inc. (2013 - Present)

      - Spin-off of the Tickfinity idea
      - Extremely simple but so incredible
      - Having more fun than I ever thought I could have

    • Founder

      Ctext, Inc. (2013 - Present)

      - Born out of the frustration that text messaging is not clear
      - Brilliant and intuative
      - Having more fun than I ever thought I could have

    • Risk Management - Product Controls (intern)

      HESS (summer 2012)

      - Managed feed book of physical oil trades, import/export
      - Streamlined content entry and verification process from manual to automatic (for all product bookfeeds saving 7+ hours per day)
      - Outlined and managed physical trades aspect of 10k for submission to SEC

    • Risk Management - Compliance (intern)

      HESS (summer 2011)

      - Created official educational slide-deck used to educate international region managers of compliance updates
      - Created international market guidelines for assessment of company transparency
      - Managed and completed compliance informational database for employees of HESS

    • Director of IT

      Summer Camp Mesorah (summer 2010)

      - Maintained network infrastructure, updated and managed Website
      - Managed distribution of weekly updates including large variety of digital media
      - Responsible for all photography, videography and official promo video production

    • Research Analyst (intern)

      First Manhattan Co. (2009 - 2009)

      - Data mining of financial reports and annual presentations, and interview of various investment opportunity company heads to extract critical information
      - Analysis of data for strategic financial descisions and investments, including current market trends, historical data, and future company projections
      - Presentation of data and analysis at group analyst meetings

    • Magic and Illusions

      Self employed (2007 - present)

      - Perform and entertain at various venues and parties
      - Close-up, walk around magic
      - Stage Hypnosis shows

  • Various

    • Psychological Research

      Accepted to American Psychological Association Annual Convention (2011)

      - Title: Can your eyes define you? A correlation of dissociative capacity to personality traits and learning styles
      - Pending Publication

    • Gymnastics

      Junior Olympic Level (1998 - 2009)

      - New York State Champion, 2005
      - New York State Champion, 2004
      - (Multiple) Local Competition Champion

    • Shotokan Karate

      First Degree Black Belt (1997-2007)

      - (Multiple) Regional Competition Champion
      - (Multiple) Local Competition Champoin

  • Skills

    Entrepreneur 90%
    Management 80%
    Web Design 70%
    Schmoozing 100%
    Ninja 100%
  • Tech Skills

    HTML5 & CSS3 80%
    Graphic Design 90%
    Photoshop 75%
    Illustrator 95%
    Template Work 95%
    Final Cut 70%
    Logic Pro 50%

Adam Moisa



Adam Moisa



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Address: Queens, New York - United States

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